bonmet ss2021

6 favs from Bonmot SS2021 Collection

If you are environmental awareness parents, you would probably like the clothing materials produced by Bonmot – they are 100% organic and GOTS-certified. Normally, organic garments are always come out with few option of colors. But Bonmot can still create colorful clothes with playful designs. Here are our 6 favorite picks – t-shirt med life, crop t-shirt bonmot, playsuit frill bistripe, dress terry bistripe, dress braces wide stripe, and dress braces banana siesta.

bonmet med life and crop tshirt
t-shit med life / crop t-shirt
bonmet playsuit wide stripe dress
Playsuit frill bistripe / Dress braces wide stripe
bonmet banana dress and terry bistripe dress
Dress braces banana siesta / Dress terry bistripe

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