Let’s dance in the rain with MuddyPeddles

Spring is coming. It brings rains and more outdoor activities for kids. If your kids need new set of rain coat for this year, you should check out these colorful raincoat from Muddy Puddles, a leading children’s outerwear brand in the UK. Their coats are bright and bold in colors, yet unisex. Your boys and girls can finally share a cloth. In addition, they are super waterproof, breathable and durable, ready for any kinds of weathers. We picked some our favorite for Spring Summer 2019 collection – Puddlepac Lined Jacket in bold stripes, Puddlepac Jack in dandelion patterns, and the unique All-in-one with yellow drop designs. Puddlestomper Wellies is must have because they are good at kids love to do in a raining day – puddle stomping.

Apparently, they don’t have retails in North America. You have to get it from it’s official online store in UK.

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