beau love ss2021 collection

Top 6 picks of designs from Beau Love Spring/Summer 2021 collection

If you are a parent who cares about environmental sustainability, Beau Love is a kid wear brand you need to support. The 70% of fabrics used in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection are recycled and organic. All their coats and jackets are made with recycled fabrics, as well as being water repellent. The design concepts of this collection are minimalist with simple shapes and letters. They try to create an unique collection of gender-neutral clothes. Here is our favs – Black hearts and masks circle skirt, Natural birds print tee, Our World is Fragile tee, Natural Grid Baby tee, Loves Loves Stella Dress and Black Positive Thoughts Sweat Pants. For parents live in North America, you can get Beau Love from and

beau Love ss2021 collection
beau love ss2021 collection group2
beau love ss2021 collection group3

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