Flexlock lunchbox

Flex and lock lunch box

Our daughter brings hot lunch to school most of the time. The lunchbox always has build-in silicone fillers to keep food warm for hours. However, it’s not easy to clean the silicone parts, especially after the lunchbox has been left in school over night – mold starts to build up day by day. I guess it’s a common issue for parents. That’s why a Korean designer mom tried to fix the issue by creating a mold-free lunchbox. The design concept couldn’t be simple enough – get rid of silicone filler and make the whole container in silicone. You can wash the plastic box and silicone plate separately. The silicone plate is safe enough to be boiled, baked and dish washed. It’s currently in Kickstarter campaign and already doubled its target goal. You can find more info the official site.

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