plugo interactive STEM education toy

Plugo – a STEM kit interactive with digital tablets

If you are trying to find a way for your kids to be more interactive with tablets rather than just staring it for hours, maybe you should give a try on Plugo from Shifu. Plugo allows your child to play and interact using various kits to learn skills such as vocabulary, math and critical thinking. It comes with a Gamepad, four interchangeable kits, and unlimited games. The APP presents results based on how kids interact with the kits. The kits include Plugo Letters, Plugo Count, Plugo Link, Plugo Tunes and Plugo Slingshot. Each kit teaches different skills in a fun and immersive way. Plugo has won several awards since it launched, including Brain Child Awards and Mom’s Choice Awards. The online store ship directly to US and Canada.

Plugo STEM Wiz Pack

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