Skoog with kids

Skoog – a new music instrument that everyone can play

Skoog looks like regular squeeze-noise-making toy. But the fun part of Skoog is that the “noise” it makes is actual instrument notes, like guitar or piano. You can tap it, twist it or just squeeze it to make it play music. You can also code it to make any instrument notes you like to come out from Skoog. In addition, it can be connected with other music creation apps such as GarageBand, MIDI or ROLI. The five color-coded buttons can be in combination with the right note settings to play songs. This is a cool music box that makes every kid a composer and keep pumping out new songs every once awhile. Wired magazine even called Skoog is “intend to bring music-making to people of any ability – even disability.” You can get it from Apple Store or Amazon. If you are teacher believe this is a nice enhancement in your class, they provide special orders to educators.

A kid is having fun with Skoog

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