Alphabet Play Block Set by Oioiooi

I am a big fan of learning through play for kids. We’ve collected a magnetic set of alphabetic toy by Kid O before. We found a wood set of alphabet play block set created by a Korean designers Oioiooi this time. What unique about this alphabet set is each piece of letter is part of object represent the word start with the letter. For example, T is the loading stuff of a track, and P is the bottom part of a pig. Simply super cute! Each letter has corresponding shapes kids can find and match together in a variety of themes perfect for story telling and decoration. The set consists of 60 solid wooden blocks made of beech and walnut. It even comes with a picture book for kids to match and learn each letter. I believe this is a good collection set could last a very long time. You can get it from However, the US online store is out of stock currently. But you can still get it from UK online store, for 165 BPs.

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