Cubroid coding blocks

Cubroid – coding blocks for fun

I used to play mechanical robot toys as kid. Now days, kids can build their own robot toys. Cubroid, one of several coding block STEM toys we found this year. It claims to be the “easiest block set that allows children to explore the robotics world and gain exposure in coding.” Cubroid hosts individual function in each block, such as motor block for controlling movement, sound block for sound detection and LED block for display. It also comes with sensor block for light touch and proximity. These functional blocks combine several variation of Lego-compatible connectors, kids have endless options to build robot toys from their imaginations. The coding is same as other STEM toys coding by drag and drop function boxes. If your kids are into Scratch, they can even program commands for Cubroid in Scratch Coding Platform. Cubroid offers 4 kits from Entry Kit to Premium Kit. You can get Cubroid from its online store, or Robotshop.

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