Six unique wood stacking toys to explore kids creativity

We’ve found wood monster block set before. Here we collected another 5 wood stacking toys to challenge kids’ creativities. TOTO is likt mini totem constructed with ovoids painted with faces. A wood totem with attitude. Lessing is an old English game to stack uneven block as high as possible. Teeth is a set of wood block with “teeth” from Japan. These simple teeth trigger many possibilities of how they stand in the end. H-Block is set of bench wood in H shape. The intercross connection combined them in totally different shapes from others.  Mat-Mat is like most of traditional wood block set, but with some unique shapes. They can produce some wild results as long as your kids can imagine. Blockitecture Garden City is set of architectural building blocks connected with pins. This unique connection can build up garden city vertically or horizontally with endless of combinations.

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