5 unique kids bookcase collections

Books are inspirational sources for your kids. It’s boring just to keep them in a boxy structure. I think these unique designed bookcases can bring a bit more fun to your kids’ daily life.  

The “baa baa” bookshelf is my favorite. It’s compact, which means you can have it go with your kids anywhere when they feel like to read in the home. When they finish reading a book, just tell them that they can “feed” books to the sheep. They’d love to tidying it up. Apparently, you can only order it from an UK online store.

Giraffe bookcase is more than just a bookcase. It’s a statement furniture in a home. Kids will love to fill it up.

Tree bookshelf is also my favorite. Designed by Belgium Mathy By Bois, the concept of plant shape of shelf always remind kids about nature – it can hold up anything you give to it.

This doll house version of bookcase is just a doll house with four legs to kids. Play it while organize their stuffs. Perfect!

An acrylic bookcase is a pretty cool design. It blends in with surroundings while holding books “invisibly” like a majac.

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