6 creative kid loft bed ideas around world

Everytime we had trip and happened a  bunker bed in hotel room, my daughter would always take it as her new bed. She would do almost everything up there – reading books, playing ipad and eat. It’s like a private space to her, up in air. I guess all kids love loft bed. If you plan renovation for your kids room in the Spring, here are some inspirational ideas for loft bed around worlds.

Tree Den

Tree Den is more than a loft bed. You basically build a mini tree house in the room. Kids will enjoy more activities in there beside just sleeping. It’s designed by a English craftsman Tim Hitchens.

Quarto dos Primos

Hana Lerner Design from Brazil created a kid room with minimalist style loft bed with color pop decorations. Simple and colorful.

LagoLinea Weightless Bed

LagoLinea Weightless Bed, designed by an Italian studio LAGO, is probably the most barebone loft bed I’ve found so far, but with the best visually designed bedding space. Color popped background wall and matching bed curtain make it looks like float in the middle of room.

House bunker bed

House bunker bed designed by Another Studio is a customized made bunker bed by Another Studio. Perfect for two little kids sharing a room, yet keep their own “secret games”.

Roofed loft bed

A roofed loft bed created by a Poland based studio Insign.

Prague house loft bed

This cute loft bed structure is found in a Czech Republic house designed by A1 Architects. The bed is part of a multi-functional live box – play space, storage and rest area. Pretty smart design!

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