Moto-Rocke Felix Monza

Moto Rocker – an upgrade version of rocking horse from Felix Monza

We’ve collected several variations of rocking horse before – multi-colored rocking sheep, a rocking rabbit and even a rocking moon. When a Germany industrial designer Felix Götze put his creative touch on rocking horse, he brought us a rocking motorcycle – Moto Rocker! It features all the designs of a real motorcycle to give it an authentic feel. The first edition even has a one-cylinder 125ccm engine along with a headlight and taillight. Each Moto Rocker is customized build with your kid’s name burned on the frame bracket. You can choose the tank’s color to match the decoration of your kids room. This is definitely a cool toy and a piece of statement in a kid’s room. You can directly order Moto Rocker from Felix Monza online store.

Moto Rocker in red
Moto Rocker in white
Moto Rocker for girls

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