MUtable – the all-in-one playtable from Italy

MUtable is another great example of parents trying to solve a problem themselves – Martina Cusano and Elisa Tattoni wanted to have a table that would grow up with children over the years and keep their home tidy. So they came up MUtable, which even won an award from “Red Dot Design Award” in 2019. This is a multi-functional activity table designed with inter-changeable desktop for different activities, such as Lego base board, drawing top, black chalk top and other gaming tops. It has an opening at the center of the table for easy toys collection in a storage bag below the table. The best part is 4 adjustable heights for children from age 1 to 8 years old. It also offer add-on like Brick Tower and Play Dough Board (finally, no more mess around for Play Dough!). The table has 5 color options to choose to match the interior of your home. You can get MUtable individually or as a bundles from its online store. They offer delivery to North America!

MUtable details
MUtable with kids

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