Rocky cradle rocks!

Rocky is another “grow with kid” furniture. Designed by a Germany based studio jäll & tofta, it’s a cradle, crib and junior bed all in one. This flexible and adaptable furniture can accompany your kid from newborn up to 7 years old. This is definitely a long usability child furniture compares others regular kids furnitures. In addition, the minimalist style save space and add a trendy deco to kids room. The most part I like about this bed is cradle version. You can sit relax next to a laying down baby, and tell story, sing a song or just look at her. When the baby falls in sleep, you can still sit next to her with you favorite book. The design of closeness is probably one of the most cherish experiences you have with your child. This is similar to another cradle called Rockid.

The bed is made in EU with lacquered birch plywood. It’s current out of stock from its online shop.

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