The happiest baby in a crib – Snoo

I got “The Happiest Baby on the block” by Dr. Harvey Karp before my kid was born. His techniques in the books helped us to handle my baby well during first couple of months. So when he teamed with MIT engineers and designer Yves Behar to create a smart crib called Snoo Smart Sleeper, it definitely triggered my interest, even though we no longer need a crib. The design of Snoo is simple and elegant. The basket shape of crib can hold baby up to 38 lbs. The smart part of this crib is swaddle + rock motion + white noise. A perfect simulation of a mother’s womb, which makes newborn feel totally secure and comfortable. In addition, you can control everything from a mobile APP, and get instant feedback on it.

The price tag for this first Smart Sleeper is not cheap – just over $1000. But if this crib can keep both your baby and yourself sleep well in first couple of months, I am sure it will pay off eventually.

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